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Spring framework
What is it?

The Spring framework is an open-source framework written in Java. It provides out of the box security solutions, data access abstractions, and several toolkits that are a must for software productization, such as audit logging, testability, software metrics, and many others.

Why do we use it?

Not just, because it is yet an other tool with a green-leaf logo, but because of it offers several software toolkits and abstraction layers that makes our developers’ life easier.

How can you benefit from using it?

As it was written above, the development lifecycle can be shorten drastically by implementing your business-specific parts only, the common things, like authentication, logging, accessing to data is done by the framework. It is also beneficial for you that the final application will be well readable by any other developers, since the Spring framework is open-source and widely used within the java community.

Our experience with Spring framework

Check out the following projects where we used MongoDB as the storage backend.

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