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Source control systems
What is it?

A source control system helps keep track of our application source code. Source control systems can manage multiple copies and make changes without destroying previous versions of our project. From big projects to small, we can ensure that all of our code is easily maintained and managed.

Why do we use it?

Source control systems allow us to work more efficiently on large code bases. Our favourite is Git, a distributed version control system. It is a fast, open source VCS that we use in all of our projects.

How can you benefit from using it?

Source control allows distributed work in teams of any size, at different locations, while avoiding conflicts in source code changes, so using a source control system should not be a question.

Our experience with Source control systems

Over the years we have worked with various source control systems. Although we prefer Git as the primary source control system, we have also worked with CVS, Subversion and Clearcase.

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