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What is it?

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration and continuous delivery tool written in Java. It allows you to build and test your software projects continuously as changes are being made to the source code. It also allows you to continuously deliver your software by completely automating the deployment process.

Why do we use it?

We do not like software deployments. Nobody does. There are countless things that can go wrong and whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. For this reason, we are obsessed with automating as much of the deployment as we can. Jenkins is a great tool that allows us to automate the deployment lifecycle from start to finish.

How can you benefit from using it?

The benefits for you as the customer are threefold:

  • Developer time is focused on work that matters and is not spent on fixing deployment issues
  • Software quality is improved because issues are detected and resolved almost immediately
  • Faster development due to reduced integration costs
Our experience with Jenkins

Jenkins is a core part of our development process. We use it in every single project that we work on in order to deliver great quality software.

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