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Corballis Development Platform
What is it?

The Corballis Development Platform (CODEP) is a software module toolkit that is developed by Corballis Consulting. The aim of the toolkit is to have out-of-the-box software parts, so Corballis’ developer team does not need to build every software project from scratch; they can reuse existing modules.

Why do we use it?

Our development platform offers a solution to many common problems / requests, such as the alerting and notification, the auditing, complex searching, contains data cubes, provides customisable dashboards, KPIs, has a payment and billing component, provides complex solution for task management, for user and group management, for visualisation and for many other common problems.

How can you benefit from using it?

Using the CODEP modules in your future project will esnure well-tested applications, cost effective development and cutting edge technologies for you.

Our experience with Corballis Development Platform

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