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What is it?

Angular is a modern web platform that can be used to build rich web applications. Besides being a web application platform, it can also be used to build apps for any deployment target. For web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.

Why do we use it?

HTML was designed to be static. User expectations have risen in the past few years and your users will expect highly dynamic behaviour. Angular enriches HTML with new attributes and a powerful component model that allows us to rapidly build feature rich web applications, so it is our number one choice when it comes to building modern web applications.

How can you benefit from using it?

It is important to use technologies that will still be supported years after the initial development. The abundance of JavaScript web frameworks makes it really difficult to make the right choice at the start of a project. A new framework is born every other day and some lose popularity very quickly. Angular is built by Google, and used by Google to drive some of their core applications, so by using Angular, you can rest assured that your application developers will have the necessary support available long after the software has been released.

Our experience with Angular

We were an early adopter of Angular and have been using it since 2012 to build advanced web applications. Our experience covers both Angular 1 and the new Angular 2 platform. Find out more about the projects where we used Angular as the front-end technology by following the links below.

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