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Build rapid software prototypes to validate your business ideas and minimise development risks

Human-centered design

Prototyping is a development approach used to improve planning and execution of software projects by developing executable software systems (prototypes). It is very suitable for gaining experience in new application areas and for supporting incremental or evolutionary software development. Great user experience is an essential factor to launching successful software applications. We use best practice industry processes to help our clients create user-friendly solutions and reduce the costs of development and support.

What we offer
We help to align stakeholder goals and objectives by converting them into technical specifications and IT architectures.
Static mockups (sketches)
Communicate future application features cost effectively and efficiently. We prepare a set of simple interface sketches that outline core system features.
Interface design
We deliver intuitive and user friendly GUIs to give you a complete look and feel of the future software application or solution.
Clickable wireframes
We deliver working prototypes that allow you to check functionalities and test system features with sample data before developments starts.
Usability testing
We evaluate the design by monitoring real user interactions in typical user contexts in order to measure your users’ overall experience and satisfaction levels.

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