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Gathering data, storing it, and then pulling the data in a way that makes sense for what is needed in the moment has always been a big challenge for organisations. Making informed decisions based on real-time data is crucial for modern businesses. Corballis’ experience and expertise combine to give you the data you need to make real-time decisions that can save money, enable efficiency and boost your profits. Our unique real-time monitoring and pattern matching solution allows your organisation to become proactive and spotlight new opportunities.

Why Corballis?

Reactive, proactive and predictive data analysis: Whether you want to send alerts at system failures, react to events that can lead to failures, or predict future events based on historical data, Corballis can deliver the right solution for you.

Fast and highly scalable: Our solution is built to support big data environments efficiently. Collect data in real-time and analyse it at the same speed.

Proven track record: Corballis has earned a strong implementation reputation in aviation and other key industries.

Solution features
Data collection:
  • Import and process data from any data source in real-time (structured and unstructured, dirty data, log files, emails, spreadsheets, databases, IoT devices, social networks, etc.)
  • Use the built-in metrics or define your own custom metrics
  • Data cleansing (auto correct mistakes, fill in missing data, validation, etc.)
  • Advanced de-duplication algorithms
Data processing:
  • Aggregate and transform your metrics using a rich set of operators and functions
  • Create composite metrics
  • Define how and when various entities should be linked together
  • Define visual patterns to identify interesting events
  • Export to a wide range of file formats and APIs (Excel, PDF, Google Docs, JSON, etc.)
  • Visualise relationships and patterns using our sophisticated network explorer
  • Fully customisable dashboards with a wide range of widgets
  • Customisable chart, network and map visualisations
  • Dynamic filtering of the visualisation to allow drill-down and roll up operations
Alerting and notifications:
  • Customisable alert conditions
  • Multiple notification channels including email, SMS and voice messages
  • Alert on missing data
Case studies

Automatic analysis and real time monitoring

Application of data mining, real-time monitoring and visualisation techniques to allow prediction and mitigation of risks in flights before safety events occur (proactive safety management).

Proactive safety performance for operations

Design and implementation of an Air Traffic Control safety console for information analysis and integration of operational and safety performance data.

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