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The change from Wordpress - Hexo
The project
Making a change. Moving our website from dynamic Wordpress to static Hexo.
The scope
Dynamic websites, like Wordpress, have upsides and downsides. Some of it's downsides are that the speed and the hardware requirement of the website is not always the lowest, this costs the user experience. Wordpress has also a wide range of vulnerabilities. These are just some of the errors we would like to eliminate and for this job, a static content generator is the best solution.
Our implementation

Why Hexo?

  • Hexo is one of the fastest static content generator.
  • You can easily add or make new features to the generator using Node.js and JavaScript
  • Constantly updated and actively maintained. Hexo's repository on GitHub is very active and it's actively being maintained.
  • It's simple and flexible.
  • Hexo works well with Github and it's easy to keep track of the versions of the website.

The following implementation is based on the following Corballis solutions
Legacy systems modernisation
Legacy systems upgrade or replacement is a good solution to help organisations take advantages of latest technologies and improve for example the performance or maintainability of existing systems.
Technology Stack
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