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Common Data Environment (CDE) platform as a Microsoft Teams plugin
The project
Design and build a common data environment (CDE) platform, and compliance management tool, for architectural, engineering and construction information, for buildings and infrastructure projects.
The scope
Design and implement a management system for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. The solution allows users to efficiently oversee construction projects from initial planning through construction and into the maintenance phase in compliance with ISO 19650 Building Information Modelling (BIM) standard.
Our implementation
Architects, Engineers, and Builders frequently rely on Microsoft products, with Microsoft Teams being a popular choice for collaborative efforts. Our client has chosen to enhance their Microsoft teams experience by building a CDE software application and integrating as a Microsoft Teams plugin. Leveraging the robust Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Corballis has designed and developed a comprehensive Common Data Environment (CDE) software application.

Within Microsoft Teams, users have the ability to create specialised groups centred around specific topics, known as "teams." Our plugin empowers users to establish dedicated teams for construction projects. When a user accesses one of these project-specific teams, they gain access to a range of powerful features provided by our plugin, including:
  • Efficient asset management
  • Streamlined document approval workflows
  • Enhanced file naming conventions
  • Tailored document management capabilities
  • Seamless document version control
  • And more
It's important to note that each Microsoft Team's 'team' is underpinned by a Microsoft SharePoint site, a robust document management system equipped with sophisticated role-based access controls. Our solution seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, allowing us to safeguard project files in accordance with the specific user roles within each CDE project.
The outcome
AEC professionals who have integrated Microsoft Teams as their primary document management and collaboration solution can now seamlessly execute ISO 19650 compliant AEC projects with both UK and Irish Annexes. without the need to alter their existing Microsoft platform.
Technology Stack
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