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Case management
The project
Modernisation and maintenance of a legacy case management system. The project’s aim was to improve existing business processes in a leading criminal investigation agency and to replace the legacy technology stack with an easy-to-use, up-to-date system.
The scope
Computer technology has placed vast amounts of information at the fingertips of law enforcement officers. While agencies have immediate access to a large collection of crime data, they face new challenges on how to rely less on human intervention to uncover the intelligence from raw data. As new technology emerges, law enforcement agencies must adapt techniques and amend policies to better serve and protect communities. Corballis modernised the agency’s legacy software architecture to improve and support the pursuit of crime suspects. As a result, the number of manual processes to gather, capture and record key information relating to investigations has greatly reduced, while information sharing between departments and their technologies has become simpler.
Our implementation

The bespoke case management system implemented by Corballis allows law enforcement officers to quickly see all important aspects of the investigation. Documents, relationships, assets, correspondences, court transcripts and everything else that might be important about an organisation or a person is visualised using a highly intuitive graphical user interface that drives investigation effectiveness.

The case management system’s capabilities include:

  • Integrated document management component
    • Allows direct creation and review of documents associated with a particular case or target
    • Full version control with roll-back capability
    • Flexible search techniques including exact matching, free-text search and fuzzy-matching
    • Supports all common file formats
    • Highly scalable component that manages hundreds of thousand of documents
    • Batch capturing of documents (scanned documents, photos, etc.)
    • Multiple layers of access permissions (folders, files)
  • Flexible relationship management module
    • Create and link targets and assets
    • Single composite view of any suspect under surveillance by the agency
    • Intuitive interface to navigate the relationships that supports investigators to uncover hidden linkages and surface undiscovered patterns
  • Integrated messaging and calendar system
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Custom reports
  • Correspondence register
  • Evidence tracking
  • Security
    • Sophisticated user profiles that ensure only authorised users can view parts of the system
    • Full audit trail
  • Modern HTML5 based user interface
  • Operational on a 24/7 basis and used by all members of the agency
The following implementation is based on the following Corballis solutions
Document management
Corballis’ experienced document management professionals support clients who are looking to restructure their document management processes in order to reduce costs and increase productivity and reliability utilising our leading-edge document management services.
Legacy systems modernisation
Legacy systems upgrade or replacement is a good solution to help organisations take advantages of latest technologies and improve for example the performance or maintainability of existing systems.
The outcome
The two year project involved building a system that could import and manage more than six hundred thousand documents in a highly scalable and secure environment. Today the agency has in place a proven solution to address the above challenges. Using the solution operated by Corballis, the agency has been able to improve its level of asset seizures and increase the effectiveness of key processes associated with investigations.
Technology Stack
  • Ruby on Rails – We used the expressive and pragmatic Ruby on Rails framework to implement the case management system.
  • Alfresco – The proven content management system provided by Alfresco allowed us to scale the document management module to hundreds of thousands of documents.
  • PostgreSQL – The powerful, open-source object-relational database system guarantees reliability, data integrity, and correctness.
  • Tomcat – The service is hosted on the robust and light-weight Servlet container.
  • HTML5 / AngularJS – Our solution is based modern web standards and frameworks.
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