Customer portal for statutory inspection and certification
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Customer portal for statutory inspection and certification
The project
Replace the legacy customer portal with a modern technology stack and mobile friendly user interface for a lifting and handling equipment test house.
The scope
Lifting and Handling Ltd (LHS) is a nation wide independent test house that provides statutory inspections and certifications of plant and machinery for both public bodies and the private sector. The previous version of the customer portal was a first generation web application. Although advanced for its time, it now lacked the functionalities of next generation web and mobile applications. Corballis engaged with LHS in an iterative modernisation process to re-build their system. The new system allowed LHS to enhance their existing customers’ experience with improved reporting, navigation and system performance while keeping a familiar look and feel.
Our implementation

The customer portal underwent a major technology upgrade to a responsive frontend framework and an enterprise grade backend system. Additionally, Corballis integrated a state of the art document management system along with customisable dashboards and flexible reporting system.

To ensure that lifting and handling equipment is inspected and serviced in accordance with National and European legislation, Corballis was required to implement a technology solution to support:

  • analysis and reporting across a large asset register with 300,000 plant items inspected
  • asset tracking of equipment over multiple sites nationwide
  • inspection to a professional standard: BS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Bodies Performing Inspection
  • 24/7 online access to customer equipment data
  • enhanced security (communication over SSL), reliability and resiliency
  • storing and searching of large quantities of documents
  • interactive dashboards with charts, gauges and tables
  • advanced reporting with on the fly PDF export functionality
  • any devices (desktop, tablet, phone) regardless of their resolution (responsiveness)
The outcome
The new C.L.A.S.S. (Computerised Legal and Statutory Services) system meets the highest standards for statutory inspection and certification. The solution allows for a fully transparent and accountable inspection process.
Technology Stack
  • Java – We prefer using the Java programming language that allows us to build highly concurrent and scalable applications.
  • Spring Framework – Using Spring and Spring Boot allowed us to rapidly release early prototypes of the application and it also provides a strong and proven platform for building enterprise grade applications.
  • MSSQL / Hibernate – Data persistence is managed with the proven combination of Microsoft MSSQL and Hibernate.
  • AngularJS – Our solution is a single page application (SPA) built using the state of the art AngularJS library.
  • Pentaho Report Designer – Embeddable, Java based report designer tool that is capable of generating real-time reports from databases.
  • Alfresco – whenever there is a need for a document management system, we always choose the open source Alfresco DMS.
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