Communication performance insights within synthetic collective training environment
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Communication performance insights within synthetic collective training environment
The project
Design and development of a software system to manage audio analysis to generate communication performance insights within collective training environment. Integration of the system in a land training pilot conducted by a major European army to identify the opportunities offered by virtual reality in collective training.
The scope
Effective communication is critical in military operations. Therefore, speech analysis plays a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of virtual reality training environments. It allows military personnel and trainers to systematically assess how teams are communicating and coordinating.

Our customer's innovative speech analysis engine analyses non-verbal cues from speech communication to accurately assess the effectiveness of communication and coordination dynamics during training and operations.

Corballis had the opportunity to participate with our client in a virtual reality land training pilot project. As part of this project, Corballis experts implemented an advanced collective training software system that enhances the capabilities of our client’s product. Corballis was also responsible for the integration of the client's system into the synthetic training environment.
Our solution
The previous solution was limited to two-way communication dialogs. In a collaborative effort, Corballis engineers have redesigned our partner's existing platform, resulting in an approach that now supports multi-speaker communication analysis within collective training environments. br>
The enhanced system provides several key features:

  • Ability to define complex organisational structures within a training exercise.
  • The introduction of a flexible plugin mechanism for integration with third-party radio communication software.
  • A redesigned API that allows on-demand analysis triggering and simplifies integration with after-action review systems.
The system was linked with various other components within the synthetic training environment. It played a vital role in gathering data from radio communication software, processing this information through its audio analysis engine, and effectively transmitting the outcomes to the after-action review systems. This integration involved:

  • Building a new plugin that can ingest audio from Pitch Talk, a simulated radio/intercom software.
  • Implementing a robust file-sharing method for the efficient transfer of both raw audio data and the engine's analysis results to the after-action review systems.
Featured technology
Synthetic training environments generate vast datasets that demand efficient processing. Our solution leveraged industry-standard practices to establish seamless interoperability among systems. The system interfaces with Pitch through the robust High-Level Architecture (HLA) framework. For training exercise management, we introduced a Swagger-based API, while network file shares were harnessed for reliable file transfers.
The outcome
The project demonstrated the potential of a virtual reality platform in military training contexts. Expanding communication analysis to include multi-speaker scenarios offered a more comprehensive assessment of coordination and effectiveness. The integration with the VR environment and audio analysis system improved the debriefing experience and elevated feedback quality.
Technology Stack
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