Airline and travel data processing
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Airline and travel data processing
The project
Development, deployment, upgrade and support of a generic Messaging Gateway application for a large international aerospace and defence company.
The scope
Governments are required to manage and secure their borders through the use of traveller intelligence. This is achieved by collecting passenger information from airlines operating flights to and from their country. Collecting traveller information is a complex process, because governments need to deal with a large number of airlines and border security agencies are required to comply with international data protection laws. The aim is to simplify the collection of traveller data for border management, profiling and threat analysis. The solution Corballis implemented for its client greatly simplifies the process of data collection, allowing border security agencies to concentrate their efforts on the actual data and threat analysis.
Our implementation

Our solution supports the collection of critical Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data within a flexible platform designed to accommodate varying government and border management requirements. It seamlessly integrates into the border management and border control systems.

The Messaging Gateway’s capabilities include:

  • efficient collection of all common types of data formats used for traveller data
  • flexible architecture that makes adding new types of data formats straightforward
  • native handling for XML structured traveller messages
  • powerful tools for accelerated and seamless integration
  • broad range of supported transport mechanisms (MQ, email, FTP, SFTP, web services, etc.)
  • configurable publishing mechanism that can be used to expose traveller data as a service
  • customisable distribution and cleansing of traveller data to multiple systems
  • automated archiving and cleaning simplifies database administration
  • familiar e-mail look and feel, enabling support staff to visualize, inspect and examine data for diagnostic purposes
The following implementation is based on the following Corballis solutions
Legacy systems modernisation
Legacy systems upgrade or replacement is a good solution to help organisations take advantages of latest technologies and improve for example the performance or maintainability of existing systems.
Large scale message processing
Corballis expertise in system integration can help your business achieve optimal, efficient and reliable interoperation between your services. We work with organisations to transition from fragile integration solutions to elegant message processing that streamlines and manages your enterprise data.
The outcome
Our solution is deployed in many countries around the globe delivering millions of passenger records 24/7 to government agencies. The reliability of our services guarantees continuous operation and delivery of traveller information, thus allowing border control agencies to spend their time on the actual threat analysis rather than on the complex and error-prone process of data collection.
Technology Stack
  • Java – We prefer using the Java programming language that allows us to build highly concurrent and scalable applications.
  • Spring Framework – Using Spring and Spring Boot allowed us to rapidly release early prototypes of the application and it also provides a strong and proven platform for building enterprise grade applications.
  • Akka – The large number of messages that need to be processed by the system required us to build a highly concurrent and fault tolerant message processing framework. We used the excellent Akka library to achieve this goal.
  • MySQL / Hibernate – Data persistence is managed with the proven combination of MySQL and Hibernate.
  • Elasticsearch – The Messaging Gateway processes hundreds of millions of passenger records every year. Our expertise in building highly scalable search applications allows investigators to execute complex queries and get back the results in the milliseconds time range.
  • Docker – We implemented a containerized execution environment that greatly reduces the deployment time and cost.
  • AngularJS – Our solution is a single page application (SPA) built using the state of the art AngularJS library.
  • Graylog – Active health checks are built right in to the application, so our client can be assured that in the unlikely event of a system failure the technical personnel are made aware of the issue and can deal with the problem straight away.
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