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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurements that track an organisation’s progress towards their goals. Corballis performance management solution allows you to manage all your business metrics in one place to ensure alignment across the organisation. Our performance management solution offers highly flexible and powerful metrics management functionality combined with visually stunning dashboards and powerful alert technology. Our solution supports multiple notification channels including email, SMS and voice messages, ensuring your users make the right decision at the right time.

Why Corballis?

Integrated solution: Link your objectives and goals to all levels of the business (strategical, tactical and operational). Our solution allows your users to manage all your KPIs in one place.

Real-time decision making: Get fast and relevant insights and visualise your overall enterprise performance.

Comprehend information quickly: Build customised dashboards based on your individual needs making it easier to see what is happening across your organisation.

Solution features
  • Easily define your organisational objectives and goals
  • Standard and advanced KPI and metric modelling
  • Automatic KPIs:
    • Descriptive KPIs: extract information from your existing data sets / data warehouse to monitor performance across your organisation
    • Streaming KPIs: capturing information from sensor, third-party data sources and Internet of Things (IoT) devices real-time
  • Manual KPIs:
    • Input the KPI values when automated data sources are not available
  • Alerting and notifications
  • Multiple notification channels including email, SMS and voice messages
  • Completely customisable dashboards with charts, gauges, counters and data lists
  • Multiple dashboards: create your private dashboard or share the information with other users and user groups
  • Flexible searching and filtering
  • Explore, drill-down or roll up your data with our sophisticated data cube techniques (similar to pivot tables in spreadsheet products)
  • Import KPI data by easily connecting to your existing data sources
  • Export to a wide range of file formats and APIs (Excel, PDF, Google Docs, JSON, etc.)
Case studies

MRO safety management system

Design, implementation and support of an aircraft maintenance (MRO) safety management system as per ICAO Annex 19 requirements.

Automatic analysis and real time monitoring

Application of data mining, real-time monitoring and visualisation techniques to allow prediction and mitigation of risks in flights before safety events occur (proactive safety management).

Proactive safety performance for operations

Design and implementation of an Air Traffic Control safety console for information analysis and integration of operational and safety performance data.

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