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Legacy systems are extremely expensive and difficult to maintain. Developers possessing the skills to support these old technologies are very scarce. As a result, businesses lack the capability to enhance and update. Legacy code and database modernisation retains the functionality of your existing applications and databases, but changes the underlying technology to support further development of the products. Corballis’ iterative modernisation process will lower maintenance costs, improve user experience and allow your organisation to better take advantage of new technologies.

Why Corballis?

Comprehensive service: Our legacy re-engineering solutions cover the whole spectrum of modernisation areas including software assessment, documentation, transformation, refactoring and web-enablement.

Proven track record: Corballis has successfully re-engineered a large number of legacy applications written in various programming languages and frameworks.

Outstanding code quality: We take pride in our quality of work, so you can rest assured that the resulting code base will serve you well for a very long time.

Solution features
  • Comprehensive target state design
  • Code analysis
  • Documentation of all use cases
  • Identification of missing and duplicate components
  • Identification of areas requiring special attention during conversion
Database migrations:
  • Automatic conversion of database schemas to modern databases
  • Extract/tranform/load (ETL) of data from the source environment to the target environment
  • Support for a wide range of database products (relational, NoSQL, in-memory data grids, etc.)
Application re-engineering:
  • Full functional conversion of the legacy application to a modern technology stack
  • Add new functionality as part of the modernisation
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Performance optimisations
  • Security hardening
  • Support for a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and hosting environments (cloud vs. on premises)
  • Automated testing of the conversion outcome
Case studies

Case management system

Modernisation and maintenance of a legacy case management system. The project’s aim was to improve existing business processes in a leading criminal investigation agency and to replace the legacy technology stack with an easy-to-use, up-to-date system.

Airline and travel data processing

Development, deployment, upgrade and support of a generic Messaging Gateway application for a large international aerospace and defence company.

The change from Wordpress - Hexo

Making a change. Moving our website from dynamic Wordpress to static Hexo.

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