Data visualisation quickly turns numbers and letters into meaningful representations, making it easy to recognise patterns and find exceptions. Visualisation is the key to grasping difficult concepts or identifying hidden patterns in your data and to communicate the story to others. Corballis expertise in implementing custom visualisation solutions has helped many of our customers to unleash the true power hidden within their data sets.

Why Corballis?

  • Domain expertise: Corballis has worked with dozens of visualisation tools and products as well as has its own visualisation product (Planar). Whether you need to build some simple charts or a complex custom visualisation solution, we have got you covered.
  • Decision making ease: Our advanced visual analysis tools and techniques clearly display trends and analysis ensuring efficient and effective decision-making processes.
  • Innovation: Corballis helps clients build products to gain a competitive advantage by continuously innovating our visualisation technologies.

Solution features

  • Visualise relationships and patterns between operational and business activities
  • Reveal hidden linkages
  • Access huge amounts of data in easily digestible visuals
  • Identify and act on emerging trends faster
  • Manipulate and interact directly with data
  • Detect exceptions and outliers easily
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Customisable chart, network and map visualisations
  • Intelligent layout mechanisms to make sense of data easily
  • Rich set of interactive controls
  • Zooming, panning, drag & drop support
  • Dynamic filtering of the visualisation to allow drill-down and roll up operations
  • Export the visualisations to a wide range of formats (images, JSON, PDF, etc.)

Project examples

Our experts delivered a large number of tailored visualisation solutions matching a particular business context. Follow the links below to find out more.