Open development platform

Organisations often find themselves spending money on implementing features that do not add direct value to their product. Take user management as an example. Almost every application needs to manage users. This involves dealing with user registration, passwords, login mechanisms (internal, Facebook, Google+, etc.) and so on. Users expect these features in modern applications, but they do not really provide any business value. We want to help you find ways to save money. Why spend a significant portion of your budget on functionality when you could also use that money for implementing valuable business features? The Corballis Development Platform (CODEP) offers a wide range of ready-to-use components and modules that you will most likely need in your product. Achieve significant savings by using our platform.

Why Corballis?

  • Free of charge: We offer CODEP for free as part of our development package, so you do not have to pay for the development of standard application modules.
  • Battle tested components: All of our components and modules have been in production for many years.
  • Comprehensive capabilities: The toolkit comprises a range of components, from simple ‘must have’ modules such as user management, auditing and security to sophisticated components like reporting, dashboards and pattern matching.

Solution features

  • Standard components and modules:
    • User management (DB, LDAP, Active Directory, etc.)
    • Payments & billing
    • Alerting & notifications
    • Auditing
    • Advanced build tools
    • Advanced testing libraries
    • Task management
  • Advanced components and modules:
    • Reporting
    • Flexible dashboard framework
    • KPIs and metrics
    • Data cubes
    • Visualisation
    • Pattern matching
    • Document management
  • Deployment options:
    • On premises servers
    • Virtual machines
    • Public or private clouds
  • Support:
    • Flexible support packages (24/7, office hours, etc.)
    • Full range support service from project evaluation and inception to development and going into production
  • Flexible licensing model:
    • CODEP is free of charge for our customers
    • Additional licensing options available for customers who want to use the toolkit without Corballis’ custom application development service

Project examples

Our clients always welcome CODEP in their project due to its simplicity and the productivity boost it gives to the project. Follow the links below to see some of our featured projects that use CODEP.