Large scale message processing

Organisations are faced with ever increasing quantities of data that needs to be processed in order to produce new market opportunities and drive new sources for revenue growth. Consequently, applications that can process large amounts of data efficiently have also evolved into systems that span multiple servers. Distributed applications have become the norm as opposed to monolithic systems. Distributed systems, however, lead to a number of well-known challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the fact that components of a distributed system are not isolated, so they need to efficiently communicate with each other.

Corballis’ enterprise integration and messaging experts have practical experience in the design, implementation and support of large enterprise applications, ensuring your enterprise solution maximises the benefits of a distributed system.

Why Corballis?

  • Proven track record: Successfully delivered world class enterprise integration solutions that can manage very large quantities of messages.
  • Reliability, scalability: Our solutions efficiently manage millions of integration transactions per month with limitless scalability guarantees.
  • Comprehensive capabilities: We have expertise with a wide range of messaging and integration technologies and products (ESBs, message brokers, SOA, REST, etc.).

Solution features

  • Mapping and transformations:
    • Custom message transformations
    • Data enrichment
    • Message partitioning, consolidation
    • Message validation
    • Integrity checks
  • Reliability, scalability:
    • Guaranteed delivery
    • Duplicate detection
    • Configurable automatic re-try mechanism
    • High volume, low latency message processing
    • Built-in redundancy
  • Security:
    • Wide range of authentication mechanisms
    • Message authorisation
    • Digital signatures
    • Encrypted connections
    • Message encryption
  • Message formats:
    • Plaint text, MIME
    • JSON
  • Protocols:
    • Extensive experience with a large number of communication protocols
    • Email
    • SCP
    • MQ Series, RabbitMQ, JMS
    • ESB
    • Webservices, REST, SOAP, ebXML
    • SNMP

Project examples

Our expertise in integrating large scale enterprise systems have been demonstrated in many projects over the years. Click on the following links to find out more about the individual projects.