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Corballis Safety Management System

What is our safety management solution?

A safety management system (SMS) is a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organisational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. Our innovative aviation Safety Management System software solution supports ICAO, EASA and ARMS requirements and recommendations in a flexible manner designed to meet your specific organisational needs and approaches, including customised screens, navigation and process flow. The software provides support for identifying, defining, managing and reviewing risk and change in line with best practice improvement processes. It can be integrated as required with existing systems and processes (internal and external).

How will our solution help your organisation achieve its safety goals?

ICAO compliance
Our SMS solution can assist your organisation in achieving the goals defined by the four safety pillars of ICAO.

ICAO safety pillars

The Corballis Safety Management System is fully customisable and provides support for all four safety pillars. Pick and mix only a few or all of the following features to implement your organisation’s SMS:

  • Policy and objectives:
    • Flexible management of policies and procedures
    • Cutting edge document and record management
    • Fully customisable roles and responsibilities
    • Powerful management of safety objectives and indicators
  • Safety risk management:
    • Extensible reporting and investigation
    • Effective impact and causal analysis
    • Manual and automatic hazard identification
    • Effortless safety risk analysis
    • Streamlined change requirements management
    • Documented risk acceptance
    • Seamless implementation management
    • Easy to use issue tracking and management
  • Safety assurance:
    • Intuitive change and performance monitoring
    • Rich visualisation of safety objectives and indicators
    • Advanced audit and review capabilities
    • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Safety promotion:
    • Simple capturing of lessons learned
    • Integrated management of safety library
ARMS methodology support
In addition to the above features, our solution also provides end-to-end support for the ARMS (Aviation Risk Management Solutions) methodology process flow.
ARMS process flow


Our system allows your safety analysts to

  • review and classify safety events using the Event Risk Classification (ERC) matrix
  • store all your safety data and ERC assessments in a safety database
  • detect adverse trends in your safety data
  • identify potential safety issues
  • carry out safety assessments
  • collect hazards and perform Safety Issue Risk Assessments (SIRA) on the identified scenarios
  • perform risk assessments of safety issues to determine the level of risk and to design appropriate risk reduction measures
  • monitor the effectiveness of earlier risk reduction actions
  • manage all actions through a register, which contains all the information concerning safety issues and assessed risk levels

Why should you use our solution?

  • Fully integrated Incident Impact Assessment and Risk Management Approach tailored to your specific organisational requirements
  • Built-in support for the implementation of your SMS as per ICAO Annex 19 requirements
  • State of the art visualisation tools, dashboards and reports
  • Proactive management of risk by utilising intelligent risk pattern matching algorithms
  • Improved business performance through more effective management of hazards and their associated risks
  • Integrated assessment of proposed changes for effectiveness and ROI
  • Improved information sharing and training / learning capabilities
  • Cost effective customised deployment and implementation
  • Flexible deployment options: in-house local deployment or cloud based hosting by Corballis

How we built it?

The Corballis Safety Management System was built using cutting edge technology. We use industry standard frameworks
and libraries in order to make integrations with existing enterprise application solutions seamless. Our REST APIs
allow us to connect to any proprietary in-house applications without much effort.