Risk and change management solution

Corballis’s solution is designed to support multiple industry standards and processes for risk and change management. We have delivered solutions across the full process of identifying, defining and managing risk in line with methodologies such as DMAIC and PDCA: definition, monitoring (including reporting), analysis (including investigation), change (requirements), implementation, review (including effectiveness, cost benefit and acceptability). 

Why Corballis?

  • Regulatory compliance: Built-in support for the implementation of your reporting, risk and change management as per industry regulation requirements.
  • Complete solution: Our solutions provide a full spectrum of modules ranging from identifying, defining and managing risk providing you with an end-to-end platform. 
  • Industry expertise: Corballis has earned a strong implementation reputation across industries.

Solution features

  • Policy and objectives:
    • Flexible management of policies and procedures
    • Cutting edge document and record management
    • Fully customisable roles and responsibilities
    • Powerful management of safety objectives and indicators
  • Risk management:
    • Extensible reporting and investigation
    • Effective impact and causal analysis
    • Manual and automatic hazard identification
    • Identify potential issues
    • Effortless risk analysis
    • Streamlined change requirements management
    • Documented risk acceptance
    • Seamless implementation management
    • Easy to use issue tracking and management
    • Efficiently review and classify safety events using the Event Risk Classification (ERC) matrix
    • Store all your reported data and ERC assessments in a centeral database
    • Detect adverse trends in your data
  • Assurance:
    • Intuitive change and performance monitoring
    • Rich visualisation of objectives and indicators
    • Advanced audit and review capabilities
    • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Promotion:
    • Simple capturing of lessons learned
    • Improved information sharing and training / learning capabilities

Project examples

We have successfully completed many safety related projects. Follow the links below to find out more.