The project

Corballis was a technology partner in the FP7 project PROSPERO (PROactive Safety PERformance for Operations). This project contributed to the validation of our Safety Management System and Pattern Matching System.

The scope

PROSPERO was a European 7th Framework project that ran from 2012 through 2015 and comprised 14 partner organisations across 7 countries. The consortium included end-users, industry, SMEs and academic partners. This project produced an integrated risk framework for the Air Traffic System (ATS) including proactive ways to anticipate complex risks that have the potential to cause crises. This resulted in a substantial improvement in the recovery from human error. The risk framework developed by PROSPERO delivered a way to measure progress towards reducing the air accident rate by 80%.

The research

PROSPERO developed, implemented and evaluated a prototype management system for identifying and actively managing systemic risks in the Air Transport System.

Corballis contributed to the following:

  • provided its performance management system to support the demonstration validation of the PROSPERO common operational concept of linking performance indicators to safety and operational goals
  • our safety management system was adapted to support the PROSPERO methodology for operational system analysis
  • the system supports hazard and risk assessment, investigation, managing of organisational change
  • application of data mining, real-time monitoring, visualisation and pattern matching techniques to allow prediction and mitigation of risks in flights before safety events occur
  • we were active participants in the dissemination and exploitation process that manages the engagement with the wider aviation community and key institutional stakeholders

The outcome

PROSPERO has achieved a breakthrough by developing a network of collaboration between key partners across Europe such as airlines, airports, air traffic control and ground operations. The data is processed, integrated, analysed, undergoes a pattern matching process, and is fed back to the owners. Corballis contribution to PROSPERO demonstrated that safety can now be approached in an integrated manner at operational level with all the parties contributing to the aviation transport service.

Technology stack

  • Corballis Safety Management System
  • Corballis Pattern Matching System
  • Corballis Performance Management System


  • Aeroporti di Roma, Italy
  • Alitalia, Italy
  • Athens International Airport, Greece
  • Carr Communications Ltd., Ireland
  • Deep Blue SRL, Italy
  • Innaxis Research Institute and Foundation, Spain
  • Jeppesen GmbH, Germany
  • Kite Solutions SRL, Italy
  • Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Sweden
  • Reducing Risk Exposure, Norway
  • Società Abruzzese Gestione Aeroporti, S.p.A., Italy
  • Swedavia, Sweden
  • Technical University of Crete, Greece
  • Thales Avionics SAS, France
  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (Project Co-coordinator)