Planar Visualisation Library

Planar Visualisation Library

What is Planar?

Planar is a Javascript visualisation and exploration library for graphs and networks. You can embed it in your browser based application and create powerful and rich visualisations of your data. By using our product your users will quickly understand and reveal connections in your data that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Our powerful and intuitive controls make exploratory analysis a breeze.

What can it do for you?

Planar comes bundled with a rich set of features that allow your developers to concentrate on writing your business code.



Planar is built on top of D3.js, a powerful Javascript document manipulation library. We use SVG as our rendering engine, so any browser that supports SVG can display our graphs. This includes any modern browser on any platform (IE9+).


Use a wide variety of default node and link styles or roll your own. Every aspect of your graph can be easily customised to suit your needs.



We provide various automatic layout mechanisms that will make it easier for your users to make sense of the data and reveal interesting patterns. Planar includes the following layout algorithms: Circle, Wheel, Grid, Tree, Fruchterman-Reingold, Random. If the default algorithms are not fit for the job, you can extend Planar easily and create your own layout mechanism.


Users can interact with your graphs using a wide range of techniques. Zooming, panning, drag & drop, custom node and link actions will all assist your users in uncovering hidden patterns in their data sets.



Planar has a flexible filtering component that you can use to build advanced user interfaces that can interact with your graph. With the filtering component you can create custom widgets that can reveal sub-networks and allow the analyst to focus on nodes that meet certain criteria.


Export your graphs in different formats for further analysis.


How is it priced?

We offer Planar in multiple editions. The core library is open source, so you are free to use it in your project, be it an open source project or a commercial product. Additionally, we provide commercial licenses that include the advanced features only available in the Pro version. These commercial subscriptions provide unlimited web and email support during the project development phase. These subscriptions are designed to ensure that users have the resources they need to make their Planar deployments successful.