Legacy software modernisation

Unlock your legacy system by exposing as a SaaS or future proof it with a full rewrite

Modernise without compromise

Over time organisations can end up maintaining legacy applications or old software which are essential for business operations but have become a nightmare to maintain and enhance. By replacing your legacy system with a fast, easy to use, modernised application, productivity and business processes will be improved. Corballis’ iterative modernisation services will lower maintenance costs, improve user experience and allow your organisation to better take advantage of new technologies.

What we offer


Review processes including a full source code analysis for legacy applications and environments producing a complete list of software components for impact analysis and planning.

Solution re-design

Extend the capabilities of your legacy application while maintaining existing business logic and allowing for changes necessary for APIs and user interface improvements within your modernised architecture.

Technology migration

Upgrade technology and software platforms while keeping the original data and services unchanged. Move your applications to the Cloud or modern virtualised environments to reduce maintenance costs.

Data migration

Migrate your existing data to improved relational models or NoSQL solutions. We manage schema migration, normalisation and ETL (extract-transform-load) processes for data migration.

Support & maintenance

Fully managed and flexible support solution covering everything from the front-end to the back-end systems, from the software to the hardware to ensure continuous operation.