A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, collaboration,  delivery of electronic training material across as well as classroom learning across your organisation. Whatever the scale and scope of your e-learning strategy, we offer an affordable learning platform based on proven, open-source technologies, which enable your organization to generate revenue, encourage collaboration and maximise efficiency.

Why Corballis:

Centralized Learning :This means that the training, performance, and development content are offered at all times from the same source. Multiple users can access the information at any given time. These systems ensure consistency in the evaluation and delivery of the material, meaning every user sees the same content through the same manner.

On-Demand Learning 24/7 : Materials can be accessed from anywhere learners have Internet access, giving them the freedom to learn on their own time.

Tracking and Reporting: Enhance performance through tracking and reporting tools. Records can be reviewed, and users can register for more than one course.

Solution features:

  • The ability to manage and track a variety of e-learning resources including audio, video, PDFs and more
  • Integration with other systems including Active Directory, Google Drive & YouTube
  • Calendar to track events and submission deadlines
  • Produce discussion forums in a variety of formats
  • Create Quizzes & Surveys
  • A variety of assignment types including uploading files and online submissions
  • Interactive tools for student led learning – Wiki activities, peer reviewed workshops
  • Access to over seventy language packs – customized to your organization
  • Secure chat rooms for group discussions