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Featured frontend project examples

Corballis Analytics Tool

CAT – Safety Net System

CAT is a data analysis and pattern matching platform that is Corballis’ own product. Our solution helps analysts to isolate and surface patterns in their data sets based on configurable rules. The system implements cutting edge java technologies using the Spring framework, the AKKA concurrent programming platform and adnvanced data management, such as graph databases and modern full-text indexing solutions that are essential for big data analysis.


Border security passanger screening

This project is a great example of the cutting edge java technologies and solutions we usually use. In this project we have developed an analytic tool which aids border security agents to analyze connections between passengers and targets in near real time. Visualises people and the connections between them to form a graph that can be used to execute complex search queries, revealing hidden patterns and linkages.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.35.11

C.L.A.S.S. – Statutory Inspection and Certification Program

The C.L.A.S.S project was inherited from an other developer company and it was originally developed in the 2000s. Corballis was asked to upgrade the full backend and frontend stack without ocurring a new learning period for the portal users. It was a very nice techological challange. To get more information about this project, follow the link below!

screenshot about Corballis Safety Management System GUI

Corballis Safety Management System

Corballis’ aviation Safety Management System software solution was developed  using our reliable, cutting edge java based technology stack. The exclusive challange in this project was to support the diversity of the data structures of our different customers: every customer requires slightly different data structure from the standard, so one common database was not an option. Thanks to our data management framework, it was possible to fulfill this special need.

Aerospace Performance Factor GUI

Aerospace Performance Factor

In collaboration with EUROCONTROL and Aloft Aviation Consulting, Corballis has participated in the development of a performance management tool that combines multiple KPIs through an innovative process of aggregating data based on data relationships and assessments of influence of KPIs within the operational system. We have used Java, Spring Framework, GWT, MySQL and Mondrian to implement the project.

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