Document Management Solutions

Businesses have diverse document management needs and there are many document management solutions on the market. Corballis’ highly-trained professionals have researched, reviewed  and worked with dozens of document management systems (DMS). Our solutions have ranged from small departmental document stores to distributed multi-node DMS clusters. Building on this experience we can identify the best solutions for your document management needs that guarantee resilience, performance and high productivity.

Why Corballis?

  • Proven track record: Many years of experience in document and content management consulting, design, development and maintenance.
  • Flexible choice: Corballis expertise in a wide range of document management systems ensures that we can deliver the right solution for your business.
  • Industry expertise: Our solutions cover various industries and functions including aviation, law enforcement, security, maintenance and management systems.

Solution features

  • Capturing:
    • Document versioning to keep track all of your changes
    • Rich metadata models and properties to support integration with existing enterprise applications
    • Support for all common file formats (100+)
    • Automation of repetitive manual tasks
    • Batch capturing of documents (scanned documents, photos, etc.)
  • Processing:
    • Built-in workflows simplify documents review and approval
    • Support for custom workflows
    • Batch processing
    • Collaboration tools and workspaces
  • Security:
    • Authentication and access control
    • Multiple layers of access permissions (folders, files)
    • Data encryption
    • Secure transactions
    • Document versioning with full roll-back capability to protect file integrity
    • Complete audit trail
  • Integration:
    • Embedded DMS in your enterprise applications
    • Connect to your existing applications (CRM, BI, accounting, inventory management, etc.)
    • Move documents automatically through a business process
    • Workflow support for seamless integration with existing business processes
    • Automated actions based on business rules
    • Inline editing (open your documents within the browser)
  • Reporting, search and discovery:
    • Instant search suggestions
    • Simple search filtering
    • Scales easily to any number of documents
    • Fuzzy matching
    • Multilingual capabilities
  • Maintenance and support:
    • Multiple maintenance and support packages for your DMS solution to ensure reliable and secure operation
    • Fully managed and backed up solution

Project examples

Corballis delivered a wide range of successful document management solutions. Take a look at some of our projects below to find out more.