CODEP – Corballis Development Platform

What is the Corballis Development Platform?

The Corballis Development Platform is a software module toolkit developed by Corballis Consulting. The aim of the toolkit is to provide out-of-the-box software modules to our clients, so they do not need to build every software project from scratch; they can re-use existing modules. The toolkit comprises a range of components, from simple ‘must have’ modules such as user management, auditing and security to sophisticated components like reporting, dashboards and pattern matching.

How can you benefit from using it?

When you start a new project, you will often find yourself spending money on implementing features that do not add direct value to your product. Take user management as an example. Almost every application needs to manage users. This involves dealing with user registration, passwords, login mechanisms (internal, Facebook, Google+, etc.) and so on. Users expect these features in modern applications, but they do not really provide any business value. We want to help you find ways to save money. Why spend a significant portion of your budget on functionality when you could also use that money for implementing valuable business features? Our platform offers a wide range of ready-to-use components and modules that you will most likely need in your product. By using our platform you can achieve significant savings.

What is included?

How is it priced?

CODEP is free of charge for our customers. We offer CODEP as part of our development package, so you do not have to pay for the development of standard application modules. This reduces your costs and you can spend more money on the features that actually matter. We also offer CODEP components separately or as a whole for developers who do not want to utilise our software development services. We would be very happy to discuss your requirements and offer a competitive quote to match your budget. All our commercial subscriptions provide unlimited web and email support during the complete project life cycle. Our subscriptions are designed to ensure that users have the resources they need to make their products successful. Get in touch today to start a conversation.