Corballis Analytics Tool

CAT – Safety Net System

What our Safety Net Solution?

Safety nets help prevent imminent or actual hazardous situations from developing into major incidents or even accidents.

CAT is a data analysis and pattern matching platform. Our solution helps analysts to isolate and surface patterns in their data sets based on configurable rules. These pre-configured patterns can be analysed on both structured and unstructured heterogeneous sets of data. The platform’s unique data model makes data ingestion a straightforward process. It can import and put data from any number of data sources into a logical order and makes it easier to identify relationships among entities and uncover relevant information. The resultant data is represented as a graph that can be browsed in an interactive way. Real time analysis of data detects instances of a pattern and generates intelligent alerts via a configurable notification mechanism. The platform is supported by an architecture that is designed to scale up to the needs of big data environments of modern enterprises.

How will it enhance your analysis workflow?

CAT’s rich feature set empowers your analysts with predictive and proactive analysis capabilities. The applied algorithms and techniques allow analysts to quickly pinpoint relevant information, giving them a head start in their investigation.


Data ingestion

Ingest data from a wide variety of data sources. Our solution comes with a set of default data sources, but it is also straightforward to connect your own internal or external data sources using our APIs (Java / REST).

Our data ingestion engine supports both streaming and batch data sources and provides extensive support for data cleansing and de-duplication.


Our interactive pattern editor provides a user-friendly way of creating patterns. Analysts can search for occurrences of a pattern both in the historical data set as well as in the live data stream. Our pattern API also allows you to integrate your existing applications and automatically create patterns that CAT will monitor.


Custom connections

Our flexible data model allows you to create new, custom connections in your data. Define rules that will determine when connections should be created between data items and CAT will take care of the rest. These custom connections can later be used in your patterns to reveal hidden linkages that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Automated alerts

When something interesting happens your analysts want to become aware of the issue as soon as possible. CAT uses multiple communications channels to ensure recipients are notified in a timely manner. Alerts are not limited to a few characters, and can contain free form text, tags and additional fields to provide context for the alert, and enable recipients to determine the right course of action. The alert engine is fully customisable and you can implement your own custom notification mechanisms.


Reporting and dashboards

Improve your analysis workflow based on real-time, visual data you can use. By using CAT you will have access to more than a dozen out-of-the-box reports with real-time, actionable insights. Can’t find a report or a dashboard widget that suits your needs? No problem, just roll your own with our intuitive chart and report builder tool.

Scalability and resilience

CAT allows you to start small and scale horizontally as you grow. Simply add more nodes, and let the cluster automatically take advantage of the extra hardware.



CAT was built using cross-platform technologies, so it can run on any modern operating system. Your users can use their existing browsers to reveal patterns in their data sets. Integration with your existing applications is straightforward using our REST APIs.

How is it priced?

Our pricing is customised for each customer. We would be very happy to discuss your requirements and offer a competitive quote to match your budget. All our commercial subscriptions provide unlimited web and email support during the complete project life cycle. Our subscriptions are designed to ensure that users have the resources they need to make their CAT deployments successful. Get in touch today to start a conversation.