CODEP Testing

What is it?

CODEP Testing is a set of useful utilities that can greatly reduce the time spent on writing tests. Although this component is not explicitly visible to the customer, it has a significant role in achieving better product quality. The testing module provides three important test supporting tools:

  • JSON-Fixtures: An open-source Java library that enables Java developers and testers to test applications quickly and easily by using fixtures (test data) defined in JSON format.
  • Page Object Generator: Browser based end-to-end testing tools test the application by simulating user actions (mouse move, clicks, etc). Page Object Generator is a tool that helps the application developers to write GUI tests easily and quickly by generating most of the boilerplate code. This tool is handy for testing user inputs in web forms.
  • Data Populator: Automated tests need to work with dummy data. Generating test data and making it available in the tests is a tedious task. Data Populator used together with JSON-Fixtures makes this process as easy as it can be.

Why do we use it?

We take testing very seriously. Apart from reducing the number of bugs in our code, it has additional important benefits as well:

  • It serves as good documentation
  • It improves the design of the software
  • Makes us more confident when the code needs to be changed

How can you benefit from using it?

Testing seems to be at first slowing down development, because the developers are spending time on something that is not part of the core business logic. In the long run, however, testing pays off due to

  • reduced cost of change
  • faster iterations
  • fewer bugs in production code

Where did we use it?

Testing forms a core part of our development process and we use it in all of our projects extensively.