CODEP Reporting

What is it?

CODEP Reporting is an advanced reporting library that allows the creation of sophisticated reports and real-time analysis of your data. Our reporting module enables your users to slice and dice the data and generate powerful dynamic reports. The module consists of multiple components.

  • Filtering: Searching data is always a must. Searching information in a database can be complicated and time consuming. Our filtering component offers a comfortable solution to searching. It allows users to filter data sets in a flexible way without major extra effort or configuration. Any field can be used to define search criteria, and thanks to the indexing engine under the hood, free-text search and fuzzy matching is also possible. The search results are displayed in a configurable table with sorting and export functionality, so printing is not an issue any more.
  • Data cube:
  • Charts:

Why do we use it?

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Where did we use it?

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