What we are looking for in every employee?

Get it done

In employees, Corballis values aptitude and attitude as well as experience. We value the ability to get things done extremely highly. The right thought is “What can I do next?”, the wrong one is  “There’s nothing for me to do.”

Think like an engineer

We value an engineering mindset in all employees. Engineers solve problems and constantly seek to improve processes. No process we have is set in stone. We want you to always be looking for ways to make things more efficient.


We are a small, agile company in which change and progress are a constant. We compete and beat the biggest software companies on the planet daily. This should excite you, not scare you.

There’s no I in culture

Our company is based around small, dynamic teams. You should work well with others, treat teamwork and team achievement as the end goal and be a good cultural fit with the whole company.

You are our ambassador

On a personal level you should have good written and oral communication skills. Every employee is a spokesperson for the company at all times. As an Internet-focused company, experience with large volumes of email communication is always useful.