The project

Corballis has successfully competed for Enterprise Ireland Competitive Feasibility Fund for the Aviation Sector and was granted funding to develop and validate our pattern matching concept.

The scope

Organisations collect massive amounts of data. To efficiently exploit the potentials of this information, they need a solution to identify future or retrospective risk patterns hidden within their enterprise data. Corballis developed a concept to help analysts to isolate and surface patterns based on configurable rules. The applied algorithms and techniques allow analysts to quickly pinpoint relevant information, giving them a head start in their investigation. We have proven a number of approaches and methodologies with our partners and the goal of the project was to implement and validate a unified platform.

Our solution

The implemented solution can be used by organisations to collect data from disparate data sources and analyse them in a unified platform. Our scalable and efficient system allows users to detect information patterns within their data sets and can be configured for automatic analysis and notification.

The Corballis Pattern Matching System includes the following:

  • Data collection:
    • Import and process data from any data source in real-time (structured and¬†unstructured, dirty data, log files, emails, spreadsheets, databases, IoT devices, social networks, etc.)
    • Use the built-in metrics or define your own custom metrics
    • Data cleansing (auto correct mistakes, fill in missing data, validation, etc.)
    • Advanced de-duplication algorithms
  • Data processing:
    • Aggregate and transform your metrics using a rich set of operators and functions
    • Create composite metrics
    • Define how and when various entities should be linked together
    • Define visual patterns to identify interesting events
    • Export to a wide range of file formats and APIs (Excel, PDF, Google Docs, JSON, etc.)
  • Visualisation:
    • Visualise relationships and patterns using our sophisticated network explorer
    • Fully customisable dashboards with a wide range of widgets
    • Customisable chart, network and map visualisations
    • Dynamic filtering of the visualisation to allow drill-down and roll up operations
  • Alerting and notifications:
    • Customisable alert conditions
    • Multiple notification channels including email, SMS and voice messages
    • Alert on missing data

The outcome

We successfully took our idea and concept through a research and development process that has delivered a validated and enterprise grade analytics and pattern matching solution.