Analytics and business intelligence

Get the right information to the right people at the right time

Make informed decisions

Corballis provides comprehensive business intelligence solutions and services that enable organisations make informed decisions based on data driven principles. We offer services for data collection, data organisation, advanced analysis, data visualisation and scalability. Our experienced analysts will help improve all aspects of decision making by transforming disparate organisational data into information and knowledge to communicate and alert performance information.

What we offer

Data capturing

We can extract or receive data from any structured or unstructured data source and process a large variety of data formats including emails, log files, spreadsheets, web crawls, database, IoT devices, etc.

Data transformation

Extract, transform and load capabilities to transform data into a common format best suited for analysis. Services include data cleansing, de-duplication, data transformation and multilingual processing.

Data mining

Our data mining service offers our clients' tools to sift through all the chaotic and repetitive noise in data by using pattern matching, clustering, classification and other data mining techniques.

Text mining

We offer machine learning or natural language processing technology to analyse large amounts of emails, documents and unstructured data to discover new insights and relationships.

Predictive analytics

Our data driven predictive analytics services provide statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques that identify the likelihood of future trends and occurrences using historical data sets.


We process a clients data and turn it into interactive charts, network/graph and map visualisations. These techniques allow clients easily identify relationships and patterns, and pinpoint emerging trends.


We provide you with graphical point-and-click reporting tools that help our clients quickly and easily create customised reports - without having to make a costly investment in additional programming staff.

Real-time analytics

As part of our analytics service we can remove data preparation and analytical processing latencies allowing you to derive near real-time insights from your data and act on them quickly.


We offer services to implement single node analytics solutions as well as designing and implementing multi-node distributed processing pipelines crunching large quantities of data near real time.