The project

Design, implementation and support of an aircraft maintenance (MRO) safety management system as per ICAO Annex 19 requirements.

The scope

Dublin Aerospace was an early adaptor of EuroControl’s Safety-II concept and the first version was implemented as a paper and Excel based solution. The objective of this project was to build a fully functioning web based solution that can be used to implement a reporting, risk and change management solution and will be a core component of Dublin Aerospace’s Safety Management System. The Corballis Safety Management System has contributed to Dublin Aerospace moving its safety practices from being reactive to proactive.

Our solution

In collaboration with Dublin Aerospace and their customer Aer Lingus Corballis developed a web based Safety Management System that supports ICAO, EASA and ARMS requirements and recommendations. The solution was designed to meet specific organisational needs and approaches of our client, including customised screens, navigation and process flow. 

The solution includes support for  

  • management of policy, procedures, records 
  • roles and responsibilities 
  • setting and monitoring of safety objectives and indicators 
  • reporting and investigation, impact and causal analysis 
  • hazard identification, safety risk analysis, change requirements and risk acceptance 
  • implementation management, best practice improvement processes 
  • issue tracking and management 
  • monitoring change and performance 
  • audit and review 
  • notifications and alerts 
  • capturing of lessons learned 
  • management of safety library 

The outcome

The key benefits Dublin Aerospace experienced after customised deployment and implementation: improved reporting, information sharing and training/learning within their organisation. As well as improved business performance through more effective management of hazards and their associated risks.

Technology stack

Corballis Safety Management System