The project

Development, deployment and support of a safety risk monitoring solution for European regulatory bodies and for state air navigation service providers.

The scope

Traditionally, safety performance is measured by the use of reported accidents and incidents that compromise certain specified safety criteria in a number of operational areas. A drawback with such measurements is that they can distort the subsequent mitigation efforts by focusing on the performance of a particular local safety measure, rather than considering an integrated system-wide measure. A system-wide indicator is required from which long term trends can be identified for better risk management. In collaboration with EUROCONTROL and Aloft Aviation Consulting, Corballis has participated in the development of a performance monitoring tool that combines multiple KPIs through an innovative process of aggregating data based on data relationships and assessments of influence of KPIs within the operational system.

Our solution

The application imports mandatory safety incident data and aggregates it to represent a single view of air traffic safety across Europe. This is achieved by aggregating multiple operational safety risks, expressed as the sum of reported incidents, in a weighted manner, into one value that can vary over time. It was designed to support European and national safety policy changes across Europe.

The performance monitoring tool includes:

  • easily definable performance objectives and goals
  • implementation of the EUROCONTROL APF methodology
  • interactive dashboard with charts, gauges, counters and data lists
  • sophisticated visual data cube techniques (similar to pivot tables in spreadsheet products) to explore, drill-down or roll up data
  • KPI data importer for easy connection to existing data sources or uploading of files (Excel, CVS)
  • innovative definition of the KPI hierarchy using mindmaps
  • export support to a wide range of file formats and APIs

The outcome

Our solution has been accepted by EUROCONTROL as a method of presenting operational data, determining targets, and maintaining operational performance over time. We successfully developed and deployed versions of the APF in EUROCONTROL (Brussels) and Seven Air Navigation Service Providers (Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Portugal and United Kingdom).

Through the design, development and roll-out of the application we have first hand experience of ANSP’s diverse data sources, models and formats used from basic Excel files to a variety of sophisticated database systems.

Working closely with EUROCONTROL and national aviation regulators has given Corballis a unique insight into the technological needs of safety regulators.

Technology stack

  • Java – Portability was an important requirement so we decided to use the Java programming language to implement our solution.
  • Spring Framework – We used the Spring Framework to implement backend services that are fast, portable and flexible.
  • GWT – By using GWT we could write all components of the application in Java. GWT ensures that our client side code is compiled to highly optimized JavaScript that runs across all browsers, including mobile browsers.
  • MySQL / Hibernate – Incident and event data is managed with the proven combination of MySQL and Hibernate.
  • Mondrian – Mondrian’s online analytical processing server helped us analyse huge quantities of data. It allows our users to examine business data by drilling and cross-tabulating information efficiently.